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Windows 12 Professional is likely to be released toward the end of 2024. Microsoft has already unveiled a working prototype of a desktop redesign, codenamed "Next Valley." Additionally, we anticipate AI integration throughout the operating system as well as modifications to the lock screen and notification center.

According to reports, Microsoft is developing a new Windows version to take the place of Windows 11. In point of fact, Windows 12 Professional "Next Valley" may feature a new desktop design that Microsoft has already demonstrated in a prototype form.

The 2024 delivery focus for Windows 12 Pro comes from Zac Bowden over at Windows Focal, a Windows writer with a background marked by exact revealing, who heard it from his inside sources at Microsoft. These internal Microsoft sources say that Microsoft now wants to release Windows every three years.

We can anticipate Windows 13 in the fall of 2027 and Windows 14 in the fall of 2030 if these sources are accurate.

Windows 12 Pro

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We have no idea what new features will be included in Windows 12 Professional, as you might expect. Microsoft probably doesn't know most of them either at this point.

However, it's possible that the company accidentally made public an early version of the Windows 12 Pro UI. A very different design is shown in a mock-up at Microsoft's Ignite conference in October 2022:

A pill-shaped search bar in the upper-center and a floating taskbar are two important features here. The latter is similar to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. Additionally, the Action Center and Widgets panel are located at the top of the screen rather than the bottom.

Windows 12 Professional

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Naturally, there are no assurances that Windows 12 Professional will look anything like this. Between now and the final release, many things could change.

Deskmodder had previously suggested that Windows 12 Pro will not be based on previous versions but will be constructed from the ground up. Before many features were incorporated into Windows 11, that's what we saw with Windows 10X.

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